Looking for Childcare? I have openings my Christian home
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City/Location: East Reynoldsburg/Etna
Age: 24
Minimum Desired Pay: $5.00 Per Hour
Availability: Full Time
Years Experience: 5 to 10 Years
Candidate Intro / Self Description:
I provide childcare in my christian home. There are two full time openings and one part time opening (on Wednesdays only) coming up on August 30 (possibly before). I am in the East Reynoldsburg/Etna area. I love children and I have 6+ years experience. I worked in a daycare for three years and I started my in home childcare after the daycare closed three years ago. Low ratios. References are available.  Rather than watching T.V. all day I keep a flexible schedule for the children. We have story time, crafts, music, blocks, puzzles, outside time and lots of play time. During the school year I teach a christian based nursery/preschool curriculum. This is from about the age of 2 to 5. Summer is full of fun days. From field trips to the park and mcdonalds to water day, game day, movie day and more. I provide breakfast, lunch and snacks daily.  I am available Monday through Friday 6am-6pm. Thanks for your time!
Hobbies & Interests: N/A
Do You Have Transportation: Yes
Valid Drivers License: Yes
Education Level: High School Diploma
Do You Smoke: No
Any Pet Allergies: No
Do You Have Kids: No
Are You Fluent In English: Yes
Religion: Christian
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