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City/Location: Columbus, OH
Age: 39
Minimum Desired Pay: $10.00 Per Hour
Availability: Full Time
Years Experience: 10+ Years
Candidate Intro / Self Description:
I am looking for a part time or full time position where I can make a long-term commitment to a wonderful family! Some things that I love to do with children are reading to them, taking them on daily walks (weather permitting) and going on fun outings, such as the park, the zoo, Gymboree, COSI, story time, or hanging out in the back yard blowing bubbles or tossing a ball around. Some indoor activities that I enjoy doing with children are open-ended arts and crafts, baking cookies, building structures with blocks, playing make-believe, and singing and dancing. I also do light housekeeping (such as dishes, laundry, and cleaning up after the child/ren) and preparing healthy snacks and meals. I keep a detailed daily log of the days activities, meals, naps, and diaper changes/potty training.Some developmentally- appropriate activities for a baby include tummy-time (ten two-minute increments for at least twenty minutes daily, building up to an hour), playing rhythmic music (classical is a good choice), ensuring a safe and uncluttered area so they can lie on their back and look at pictures on the wall as well as their surroundings. Holding, rocking and cuddling are important to help build trust and security.
Hobbies & Interests:
I love going on nature walks, cooking, baking, reading books, doing cross word puzzles, writing and singing. I like to keep up to date on everything that has to do with child development. I read books and magazines on child care, parenting, child development and instructor, to name a few. I love going to the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati, OH and museums. My husband and I enjoy seeing a plethora of movies.
Do You Have Transportation: Yes
Valid Drivers License: Yes
Education Level: Some College
College Major: Early Childhood Education
Do You Smoke: No
Any Pet Allergies: No
Do You Have Kids: No
Are You Fluent In English: Yes
Religion: Other
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