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Year Started: 2000
Phone Number:
(614) 336-9559 Fax: (614) 336-8486
Capacity: 75+ Children
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Daycare License Number: 000000406242
Special Study Programs:

Full Day Programs

     Linworth Children’s Center offers a high quality Full Day Preschool Program for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. All of our lead teachers have their degrees in Early Childhood Education or a closely related field and previous experience with children. Each Full Day Class has two lead teachers and one afternoon assistant teacher. The Full Day Program offers a safe environment that nurtures children’s natural desire to grow emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically through developmentally appropriate practices. Parents can expect their children to engage daily in a variety of activities including individual and group reading, sensory activities, music and movement, arts and crafts, and gross motor play. The classes of LCC have small group sizes, below state requirements, allowing teachers to offer individual attention to children and engaging them in more child-centered activities. The Full Day Classes also allow parents the flexibility of having their child in class for 5 days or as little as 2 fixed days a week. LCC is open Monday through Friday, 7 am to 6 pm.

Part Day Programs

     Linworth Children’s Center offers nine Part Day Preschool Classes for ages 2 through 5. All of our teachers have their degrees in Early Childhood Education or a closely related field. The teachers of LCC help children achieve emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth by engaging them in a variety of child-centered activities, including individual and group reading, arts and crafts, sensory activities, music and movement, and gross motor play. LCC offers small group sizes, below the state requirements, allowing teachers to give children more of the individual attention they want and need. Your child is not required to be potty trained to attend the Part Day Program at LCC.

     LCC offers an intensive Kindergarten Bound Program for children that will turn 5 years old by December 1st. Like all of the classes at LCC, Kindergarten Bound engages students in developmentally appropriate practices, but with more of a focus on Kindergarten readiness.

Kindergarten Programs

     Linworth Children’s Center offers a unique full day Kindergarten experience. Our Program allows children to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, and spiritually in a Christian faith based environment.

Christian Based Program:

♥ Small class sizes with diverse student population
♥ Lots of one-on-one instruction
♥ High-level literacy program
♥ Chartered by the Ohio Department of Education
♥ Specials include: Art, Music, Spanish and Seedtime
♥ Speech and Hearing screenings
♥ Vision screenings
♥ Speech therapy/enrichment for at risk or ESL students
♥ Services provided at no cost to parents by Columbus Speech and Hearing
♥ Kindergarten Aide available to assist children with remedial advanced work
♥ Children wear uniforms
♥ Strong parent participation in program
♥ Before & Aftercare and Friday Enrichment are available a la carte (you only pay for what you use and use it only when you want)

Summer Camp

     Each year our camp has a theme. We use the theme to help create unity through the base camps and create a fun atmosphere throughout the building.

     Campers may choose to attend camp 2—5 days a week. Their schedule needs to remain the same throughout the summer. Campers must attend all 9 weeks of camp. If campers wish to add an extra day of camp throughout the summer they may do so if space is available.

     The elementary summer camp program was created at LCC to provide a fun, enriching camp experience for children in our community. All the camp activities are planned and implemented in a Christian environment.

     The summer camp program at LCC is called Camp Odyssey and Camp Quest. Camp Odyssey is for children in Kindergarten - 2nd grade. Camp Quest is for children in 3rd—5th grade. Within the camps each grade level has their own base camp. Each base camp consists of approximately 12 campers and is led by a degreed elementary school teacher. Each base camp has its own camp room that is set up with a “clubhouse” feel. In that camp room each camper has a designated space for their items and camp gear.

     The campers also get to enjoy our spacious camp library filled with age appropriate books and comfy reading areas. When it is time to eat the campers make their way to the Campers café to eat and help themselves to a variety of healthy drinks and snack. Campers do pack a lunch most days, however there will be special days that they will have the opportunity to make their own lunch at LCC or order out from a restaurant. There is a designated playground area as well as a large sports field that allows the campers plenty of opportunities to get exercise and play group games. On really hot or rainy days the campers may take advantage of the indoor large muscle space.

     The Camp Odyssey/Quest program runs for 9 weeks during the summer. Campers must pay for the entire 9 weeks. Campers may attend 2 –5 days a week. The camp hours are from 7 am—6 pm with most activities happening between 9am—4 pm.


     Linworth Children’s Center was founded and exists today as an outreach ministry of the Linworth United Methodist Church. Opened in 2000, LCC started with two Part Day Preschool Classes and a Full Day Class. Today, the center serves children from six-weeks-old to Kindergarten in the Full Day Program and children from two to five-years-old in its Part Day Programs. It also hosts a Full Day Summer Camp Program for children Kindergarten through grade five.

     The original task force envisioned a center that could serve the needs of both the church and the local community. LCC has successfully stepped into this role. Serving more than 300 children, the Center provides a variety of quality, Early Childhood Programs set in a Christian environment. The variety in the programming meets the diverse needs of the local community. The center has received its Letter of Approval to charter its Kindergarten through the State of Ohio, easing the transition into the area schools and providing access to auxiliary services through the county.

     LCC is very proud of the diversity found at the center. Not only is the center ethnically diverse, the staff has been very deliberate in expanding the Scholarship Program so that all children may come to the school regardless of their financial situation.

Website URL: www.linworthcc.org
Childcare Philosophy:

     The purpose of Linworth Children’s Center program is to minister to the overall needs of young children and their families as an educational ministry.

     LCC was created to allow children to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. LCC achieves these goals by exploring their God-given talents in an environment where children can be creative, develop problem-solving skills, explore their world, and learn Christian values.

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