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Sitter looking for work in the Reynoldsburg area
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City/Location: Reynoldsburg
Age: 19
Minimum Desired Pay: $8.00 Per Hour
Availability: Part Time
Years Experience: 1 to 5 Years
Candidate Intro / Self Description:
Hello. My name is Anita and I am a Early Childhood student at Columbus State. I love to work with young children. Right now I am currently in school for my degree. I am currently looking for night time work. I can work from 5pm-10pm.
Hobbies & Interests:
I like to read and write. I also like to edit videos in my spare time. I love pets (but not birds).
Do You Have Transportation: No
Valid Drivers License: Working on it
Education Level: Some College
College Major: Early Childhood Development
Do You Smoke: No
Any Pet Allergies: No
Do You Have Kids: No
Are You Fluent In English: Yes
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